Gib Hice (President)
Expertise in technical detail, patent-pending application status, historical and future application of methods and apparatus evolution of Hydro-Mining:

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Tom Hice,CPA
(Executive Vice-President)
Financial engineering expertise in fund raising, project development, mineral rights expansion, public marketing and equity building:

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Doug Devine (Vice President)
Expertise in advanced survey technology in satellite imagery, 3-D modeling, ultra-modern survey technology, and mapping development:

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Gilbert A. Hice, 65 years in age, (Gib) currently serves as HERC’s President. Dr. Hice also served as the Alaska Mines Corporation’s president for two years and is currently not a member of its Board of Directors. Dr. Hice also currently serves as an Emeritus licensed podiatric consultant. Prior to serving as a consultant, he was a doctor in the private practice of podiatric medicine in Swarthmore and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and in Ashland, Oregon, between 1980 and 2001. Prior to private practice, he served as an associate professor in the orthopedics department at the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine (currently affiliated with Temple University), including being co-director (research) of the facility's biomechanics laboratory. Dr. Hice has authored and co-authored multiple research papers and is published nationally and internationally, regarding topics in podiatric biomechanics and minimal-incision surgery. He also, in his capacity as a specialist in podiatric medicine, served as a member of the Board of Directors of the American Board of Podiatric Medicine between 2000 and 2008 and continues to be available to serve on committees of such board. Dr. Hice has accepted an appointment to serve on the Board of Directors of the Smith Island Leadership Training Center, Ewell, Maryland.

He graduated from Southern Oregon State College in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in biology. He also received a Bachelor of Science degree in basic medical sciences and, in 1977, a Doctorate in podiatric medicine from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. In 1983, he obtained a Master of Science degree in podiatric biomechanics from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. He also completed post-graduate work with two years of surgical residency and a one year Biomechanics Fellowship in the states of California and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Hice has experience in real estate and in mining/exploring for lode and placer gold. He has held a temporary associate broker’s real estate license in Oregon from 2002 to 2004. In addition, during high school and primarily as a hobby since, he has engaged in associated mining activities, including: bacterial-methods exploration and gold mining at the Hice Placer Mine in Gold Hill, Oregon, using hydraulic giant systems, various sluicing systems, heavy equipment (dozers and backhoes), and lode (hard rock) adit and drift mining while working in the Anderson, Hard Luck, and Digger Squirrel mines in Southern Oregon as a jackhammer operator, blaster, mucker and core driller. He has also worked at the Georgia Pacific Mill in Rogue River, Oregon, and as an equipment operator in the Del Rio Orchards in Gold Hill, Oregon. He also worked during college for Ed Prefontaine’s Oregon drilling and blasting company as an explosives handler at quarries and on-road construction sites. He remains certified as a PADI dive master since 1989. He was granted a United States patent bearing number 5,921,009 in 1999 for an invention called, “Foot Leverage System and Methods.” He was also granted, as a co-inventor, two United States patents in 2018 called, “Low-Frequency Pulsing Sonic and Hydraulic Mining System” and “Low-Frequency Pulsing Sonic and Hydraulic Mining Method” the core ingredient for Hydro-Mining.

Thomas J. Hice, 71 years in age, (Tom) currently is HERC’s Executive Vice President, serves as Alaska Mines Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer , owner in Nome Gold Corporation, Nome Gold Adventures Inc. ,Geodrilling Technologies, Inc., and several other corporations operating in various other industries. Primary occupation since 1978 has been a Certified Public Accountant practicing in public accounting as an exclusive owner of a public accounting firm. Also taught accounting at Southern Oregon State University and Rogue Community College and has obtained real estate and custom broker’s licenses. Notable achievements include The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants 1998 award for third place in the nation for development of the most innovative software design for business management decisions in a dynamic environment using graphical displays for “sink or swim” scenarios. Other areas of interest and achievements include:

Being a Public accountant for forty years has been a real education in business and all aspects of human ingenuity and lack thereof. In addition to this experience, mining has been a major personal and professional interest for many of these years and has culminated in the Hydro-Mining process. Hydro-Mining embraces all the prerequisites for managing the mining process with targeted profit motives mostly learned by experience. Some of this experience follows:

Douglas Devine, 72 years in age, currently serves as HERC’s Vice President. Also serves as:

Pacific Survey Supply is the foundation and attraction for all business and travels appealing to Mr. Devine’s sense of adventure and unyielding optimism that every good business idea has a person that can make it work. Pacific Survey is an international and multistate supplier of high-end surveying and engineering equipment (since 1984). It is undoubtedly the industry leader in pioneering sales of unique equipment, systems development, and innovative applications of engineering and surveying systems. Some of the more interesting and worldwide attractions that Pacific Survey was instrumental in developing and participating include:

Mr. Devine, joined the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school. Upon completion of his naval duty as an electronic technician, he joined Wagner Electric, Tung Sol Division, Livingston, New Jersey, and worked as a technician in research and development (R&D). While at Wagner Electric, Mr. Devine attended Newark College of Engineering. He subcontracted to Bell Labs and Digital Equipment Co. and contracted as a consulting engineer for Magnetic Communications, Livingston, NJ. In 1974 Mr. Devine left New Jersey and settled in Jacksonville, Oregon and worked with Litton Industries for several years developing and selling programmable engineering calculators. He was introduced to surveying instrumentation in 1979 and became a co-founder of the Northwest division of SECO (a Surveying Equipment Company out of Redding California). He eventually evolved into Pacific Survey Supply with offices throughout the Northwest and dominated the survey equipment market for this region as well as having a unique ability to deal internationally in technical equipment sales that were constantly monitored by the US government. Pacific Survey Supply became the pinnacle of success for the Northwest Territory and purposely kept a low profile which maintained a friendly atmosphere for instruction and training that provided massive sales of the ever-changing and improved modern survey equipment. The success of Pacific Survey Supply gave Mr. Devine the opportunity to indulge in his favorite pastime of searching for and funding new and interesting business opportunities. Some of which are described as follows: