Hice Exploration and Royalty Corporation (generally referred to as “HERC”) is an Alaska Regular “C” Corporation with home office located in southern Oregon near a small town on the Rogue River called Gold Hill.

HERC is primarily a seed capital and development company with patent assignments from an Oregon intellectual holding and technical development company named Geodrilling Technologies, Inc.

As a seed capital Company HERC is also responsible for establishing and managing setup for two satellite companies:

✦ Hydro-Mining Properties, LP – this will be a limited partnership (possibly publicly traded) for holding mineral and real property rights for inventory and royalty contracts with independent operators for hydro-mining measured reserves.

✦ Public Corporation - a publicly traded Reg A+ tier II company raising up to $50m per year to finance Alpha Units for independent operators with measured resources from Hydro-Mining Properties, LP.


Gib Hice (President) – Expertise in technical detail, patent-pending application status, historical and future application of methods and apparatus evolution of Hydro-Mining (...read more HERE):

Tele: (541) 582-3880
Cell: (541) 291-0529
Fax: (541) 582-3880
Email: audoc@q.com

Tom Hice (Executive Vice-President, CPA) – Financial engineering expertise in fund raising, project development, mineral rights expansion, public marketing and equity building (...read more HERE):

Tele: (541) 582-0803
Cell: (541) 621-2657
Fax: (541) 582-6052
Email: hicet@hicegold.com

Doug Devine (Vice President) – Expertise in advanced survey technology in satellite imagery, 3-D modeling, ultra-modern survey technology, and mapping development (...read more HERE):

Tele: (541) 772-5777
Cell: (541) 944-1708
Email: DDevine@pacificsurvey.com