Gib Hice (President)
Expertise in technical detail, patent-pending application status, historical and future application of methods and apparatus evolution of Hydro-Mining:

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Tom Hice,CPA
(Executive Vice-President)
Financial engineering expertise in fund raising, project development, mineral rights expansion, public marketing and equity building:

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Doug Devine (Vice President)
Expertise in advanced survey technology in satellite imagery, 3-D modeling, ultra-modern survey technology, and mapping development:

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by Gib Hice, President

BUSINESS: Royalties, contracts, logistics. Reclassify and employ vast mineral rights. Advance Hydro-Mining successful practices and operations.
STRATEGY: Co-manage high-profit mining/supply. Facilitate mining network for recovery of high-value economic resource reserves using Hydro-Mining.
TACTIC: Facilitate successful Hydro-Mining at multiple sites targeting high-profit reserves for franchise mining with gold kiosks.

Hydro-Mining is a process that converts a sonic core drilling rig into a precision placer mining rig with new apparatus and methods by:

1) Combining two energy systems (an existing pumping hydraulic system and an existing sonic oscillating wave system) into a “Hydro-Mining process” using high-energy pulsing fluid jets to:

2) produce an efficient one-borehole subsurface excavating process using high-energy pulsed-jets to generate vortexing and trommeling forces that direct light “suspended” and heavy “sinking” slurry simultaneously with

3) a light slurry extraction system (facilitated by hydraulic forces pushing up) flushing light slurry upwardly to a surface processor using multiple small pulsed jetting eductor siphons in the annulus, and

4) a heavy slurry concentrating method using a sump trap (facilitated by gravity forces pulling down) with periodic sonic core barrel recovery of very concentrated heavy slurry from the sump trap.


High-pressure/high-volume pump energy -plus- sonic drill rig oscillating head energy combine;
transforming continuous high-pressure water flow -plus- "standing wave" in hydraulic system with decreased flow resistance, generating high-velocity jet streams at nozzles converting to energized "traveling wave" jet pulses for multi-tasking at the eductor couplings and sub-coupling mining jets.


Multiple simultaneously pulsed jet streams are designed to excavate a deep placer deposit and extract slurry more efficiently as compared to other mining designs.


Heavy slurry with large nuggets gravitates into a sump gold trap in the bottom of the excavation site. Light slurry, with suspended small nuggets and flour gold, is hydraulically lifted up through the annulus facilitated by specialized siphoning apparatus to the surface. A sonic core barrel efficiently recovers heavy gold slurry from the sump gold trap. Surface processor separates water/gold/gravel from light slurry with the water filtered and recycled for reuse. The mining site cavity is backfilled with clean gravel when mining is completed. The mining site is left with minimal ecological impact.

Our new type of borehole mining process started with an idea generated by a “sure-thing” mining investment gone into “reassessment”. We had a problem –how to recover gold deposits too deep to mine on our “proven placer” property. We discovered that many other land owners with valuable mineral rights and untouchable mineral reserves had a similar problem.

Mining deep placer gold has presented long-standing problems for traditional mining (including “old” borehole mining practices), but also an opportunity to incorporate recent technological advances. Hydro-Mining became our solution as we developed a new mining concept that could both discover a deposit with drilling and then recover it quickly using sonic technology. A proof of concept has been demonstrated with a sonic drill head pulsing water through a sonic drill rod. This along with other research indicates that both efficient mining and recovery operations can be incorporated (using primarily already established proven equipment) into a new mining process. We are prepared to create a working prototype – a mining technological breakthrough to recovering rich deposits, many already known, that miners have only dreamed about.

A working drill/mining prototype will set a new baseline strategy for mining many abundant resources currently off-limits to mining because of dangers, regulations and cost. Our technical innovations along with proven eco-friendly equipment and methods will produce new eco-friendly opportunities that will benefit people directly and indirectly, and eco-systems, helping to ensure a more sustainable global future. We will set new criteria for a modern age of mining so that people, economies and our world’s environment all become winners -- starting in the USA.

We need investors because there’s no magic involved. We intend to do the engineering quickly, responsibly and to begin managing the mining of mineral-rich properties as soon as possible, with franchise mining units we call “gold kiosks”. Gold nuggets the size of goose eggs, diamonds and platinum flour, and much more can be recovered from rich untouched deposits hundreds of feet deep. Mining of vastly rich deposits will be completed at certain sites within a day. We are looking for investors to share our dream, to help make this happen.

New ideas always have setbacks that require resilience and perseverance -- such will come, but we will overcome. The technology is available for our success. Development of our project will take a little time to acquire maturity, as with any convergence of new processes, as it becomes an important player in the growing renewable energy sector and expanding space-age industries. Investors will be on the ground floor. An investment will potentially have huge and unbelievable rewards. We are presenting a new “Gold Rush” that can help make life better for all United States citizens and for the global community. This project can provide needed raw materials for humanity to step faster into the 21st century, preserving our planet as true success stories appear. Sounds grandiose but, by the grace of Jesus Christ, even just the dream of recovering such vast resources has transformed civilizations. Dreams can come true.